We only supply products for the European market.


We deliver directly from our suppliers in Europe, Combishop does not have any products in stock.


Stocks shown are the stocks available from the supplier


Guarantee settlement will take place through our suppliers within the European Union


Orders can be placed through our webshop or by email


All orders (except pallet shipments), which are in stock and ordered on working days before 4:00 PM, will usually be shipped the same day, if this is not possible. e.g. in extreme crowds or other circumstances


These are normally offered within 1-3 working days, (often the next working day) during office hours and on Saturdays. (if in stock)

In the event that the products are shipped from a different supplier than normal, the delivery time is 3-6 working days

Delivery times are approximate at all times and are not binding.

You will receive a shipping confirmation with Track & Trace number by e-mail when your order is sent.

This link is active from 10:00 PM.




If not all products from your order are in stock, the back orders will be sent free of charge. You do not have to do anything for this. You will receive a packing confirmation when your back order is sent. Of course you can always choose that an order must be delivered complete, please contact our sales department


Combishop always does its most to keep the stock as good as possible.


However, it may happen that a product is still in stock at the time of ordering, and when the logistics team wants to pack your order, the product turns out to be sold out.


This is very annoying and we will look for a solution together with you.


The purchasing department will do its best to purchase the product again so that you can still receive the product.


The product is available again, what now?


When the product is back in stock, it will be delivered to you as soon as possible.


The product is no longer available, what now?


It may be that it is not possible to deliver the product because the product is no longer produced or because the manufacturer only offers an updated version. Then the following applies:


Have you already paid for the product in advance? Then the purchase amount will be returned to you.


Have you placed an order on account? Then we will remove the product from order and the amount to be paid for the product in question will expire.


The contribution to the shipping costs / delivery costs:


for orders up to € 50.00: € 15.00 (also for pick-up) orders only possible by e-mail

for orders from € 50.00 to € 100.00: € 12.50 (also for pick-up)

for orders from € 100.00 to € 250.00: € 8.95 (also for pick-up)


Payment options




If you pay your order via iDeal, we will process your order immediately. If your products are in stock, we will process your order immediately.


On credit (account or direct debit)


By default you have no assigned credit. If this is the case, it will be stated in your account overview. If your order fits within your credit, we will process your order immediately. If not, we will not be able to process your order immediately.




If you pay by proforma, we will process your order as soon as we have received the payment. NOTE: you pay to our payment partner Mollie or directly to our account.